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Network Marketing Companies Online

The goal of this website is to have an open discussion on network marketing and the many different companies that comprise a growing industry of network marketing companies. Network marketing is known by several other names like MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Direct Sales and Referral Marketing. Most companies and people do use Network Marketing as the main term to describe these types of companies.

This website will be adding more network marketing companies to it as it grows. We will start with the most popular companies along with some of the faster growing companies first. As far as putting up new companies with no track record probably will not happen. Instead there will be a separate section just for new companies. As companies get a track record and are recognized as stable network marketing companies then they will be added to the main listing on this site. It is a fact that only about 1 in 10 new network marketing companies stay in business for more then a year. There are many new start ups that only last a season or two and then seem to go away. My feelings are to get with a stable and growing company that has good product sales and a company that does not just concentrate on getting new representatives into the business. To be a true company you have to have customers that are purchasing products and using them on a regular basis. If the company you are looking to join is made up of mostly representatives of that company and little to no real customers to show for its self then it is not a real network marketing company if you ask me. If the company you are looking to join has real customers then you can make a business out of that. Personally speaking I’m a products person. Show me a company with great products and real customers and I’ll show you a successful company.

I want to thank you from visiting this website. This is a free membership type of website and will be developing and growing as people interact with the site.

Things you will be able to do on this website. – In the future?

  • You will be able to join and create your own member page and an about me page.
  • Make comments under the different pages of this site.
  • Advertise and market your network marketing company for free.
  • Interact with others on this site.
  • Have your own mini website on this site.
  • Free char room on at all times to interact with others.
  • Instant message people
  • Share pictures and stories.

Getting Started

This is just a start. Most of these things are not working yet but will be in time.
Join this site and leave a good email and you will be contacted as new things are added to this site.
This is new to me and to the others that are joining me in this venture.

Notice: Check back often and if there is something you would like to see on this site then make a comment and we will look into it.

The things listed above are ideas right now but at some point in the future I hope to have them come true. This site will be for all to talk about their network marketing companies they are involved with.