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CTFO Network Marketing Company

CTFO Network Marketing Company

CTFO is a network marketing company that specializes in Hemp CBD Oil products. The company has over 50 different products that contain CBD oil.

The internet has created so much buzz about online money making tips, and one term that appears to be used the most is “network marketing”. This term has been used and misused so much that for some people it is hard to describe exactly what is network marketing? Some writers often use this term along with MLM, Multi level marketing and direct sales. Despite all the confusion regarding the definition or description of network marketing one fact still remains and that is that it is a sure way for someone to create wealth from the internet.

I would like to introduce you to one of these companies, CTFO also known as Changing The Future Outcome. It is in the fastest growing segments of the health and wellness industries known as Hemp CBD Oil business.

What Is CTFO Network Marketing?

The question that therefore begs to be asked is; what is network marketing? This can be said to time tested business model through which CTFO is able to pay out commissions to independent distributors as a consideration for selling their cbd oil products. The company themselves do not advertise or incur any marketing costs, but rather it the distributor of the cbd products that incurs costs to market the products after which, upon the realization of a sale, the distributor gets paid a commission. Some network marketing models such as the Multi level marketing /MLM allow for a distributor to introduce other distributors into the CTFO business and the first distributor gets entitled to a commission every time the newly recruited distributors makes a sale.

CTFO Network Marketing Model

This model of business has become quite popular because it is a low risk business yet it provides high rewards for both the company and the distributor. CTFO only pays the distributor when the sale is made, while for the distributor he or she does not need to have a lot of money to start. The CTFO cbd oil business does not need physical facilities since the distributor just sets their shop online. The CTFO distributor enjoys the infrastructure of the manufacturing company, such as the distribution channels and lastly no prior experience is required for setting up of the cbd oil business.

How To Get Paid In Network Marketing

Since the distributor is paid commission on every sale that they make, it is up to him or her to ensure that they aggressively market the products with the intention of securing sales. The CTFO distributor can do this through word of mouth where he or she can inform his or her colleagues and also potential clients of the products that they are selling and the benefits that the client stands to gain by using the products. Alternatively the distributor can decide to market the products online. The good thing about this is that he or she will reach out to a lot of people at once, or a person can utilize many of the traffic generation tips such as search engine optimization techniques. To ensure that the distributor is able to respond to all the queries regarding his or her cbd products, the distributor can resort to using Auto responder software applications.

Lastly after the CTFO distributor has captured the attention and desire of the customer and the customer actually makes the purchase, then a compensation is due. The CTFO distributor gets paid by the manufacturer depending on the type of compensation plan that he or she has with the company. Often different companies adopt different types of compensation plans for network marketing.

Overview Of The CTFO Network Marketing Company

This overview about the CTFO network marketing company only covers the aspects of network marketing and hasn’t covered any of the CTFO products. Network marketing is just a way to market products and offers an opportunity for others to get in the business and do the same. With CTFO you can be an affiliate marketer and earn a 25% commission on products and/or run it like a network marketing company with the opportunity to make money off of the people you get into business with you.
Networking With Others In CTFO

I am looking for people to join me in this fantastic business of Hemp CBD Oil here at CTFO. You will not be sorry you joined! All I ask is for you to give yourself 6 to 12 months to build your business. Please do not expect overnight success although this may happen to some. All network marketing businesses take time to build and CTFO is no different.

Healthy Jerky Direct Products

Jerky Additives We Do Not Need

Healthy Organic Jerky Direct Products

Healthy Jerky Direct Products

When choosing beef jerky products read the label. If the following ingredients are listed, choose another brand that does not contain them. The ingredients do some good and present no problems for most consumers. However, many people have undermining sensitivities to them, some unknowingly. So why risk it? They are not necessary for the beef jerky to be safe and healthy. Minimal processing and ingredients is usually a good rule to go by and Jerky Direct follows this rule.

Unhealthy Additives

Sodium Erythorbate – Sodium Erythorbate, a preservative used in meat and poultry products, is a chemical ascorbic acid or vitamin C that prevents color change, preserves flavor and reduces the formation of cancer causing nitrosamines. In general, the product is harmless but those with a sensitivity to the product may suffer anemia, gastrointestinal discomfort leading to dehydration and renal side effects including kidney stones.

Gluten – For many, a gluten free diet is necessary for good health. You find many more products on store shelves advertising themselves as safe for gluten free diets. Since gluten is a grain product, you may be surprised to find it in meat products, like beef jerky. Gluten is high in protein and has excellent binding properties useful in food production. However, it is not a necessary additive to meat products. Those who live gluten free will find excellent beef jerky containing no gluten.

Nitrite – Sodium nitrite, used in the U.S. since 1925, to cure meat because it prevents bacterial growth. Nitrites give meat the red color we have come to associate with ‘fresh”. Without nitrites, meat in the U.S. cannot be labeled “cured”. Nitrites are also naturally occurring in vegetables. So why do so many people fear nitrites in their food? Sometimes, nitrites react with the amino acids in meat while cooking, forming known carcinogens. Nitrites are part of our natural world and sometimes helpful. However, the process of making beef jerky makes it unnecessary to use nitrites for preserving.

Why Jerky Direct Products?

Jerky Direct Low Fat Snacks

Jerky Direct

Jerky Direct does not use additives that many other jerky companies use. They believe in healthy jerky products. Organic range feed animals produce a better jerky. A simple taste test will make you a believer in the products. I can also show you a way to get your jerky products at wholesale prices. a small autoship of two bags of jerky comes to less than $15 a month. You also get a marketing site to sell your jerky on. For more information on Jerky Direct visiy my website at Jerky Direct.